We design and engineer stage mechanics and stage control systems for demanding customer needs. We have succeeded when the audience does not notice our solutions. Reliability, operational safety, customer oriented approach and sustainability are important values for us.

We take the responsibility over the operational safety of the stage technology solution right from the beginning to the end of the project including testing. The delivered solution includes designing, needed components and systems installed and after sales services such as maintenance, education, system modernizations and possible expansions. Turnkey solution provides cost savings over single systems and components.

Stage technology modernization projects

We engineer stage technology solutions that are modern and easy to use and also update older systems to meet the current needs and requirements.
Modernization project can include

  • software updates of control systems
  • renewing components
  • changing mechanical parts of the stage structure
  • updates, modernizations or changes of hoists
  • updates and fire protecttion of curtains

The starting point for all implementations is safety. Modernisation projects can result from risks and errors noticed in our safety inspection. There are many outdated stages and other spaces which do not fill the current work safety requirements. Many amateur stages have a need for updating the fire protection of the curtains which should be updated in every 5-10 years.

Stage technology solutions for schools and learning institutions

We deliver stage technology solutions also to smaller destinations such as school gymnasiums, concert and lecture halls and meeting rooms. With a small investment these spaces can be modernized and changed to work for different events. A great theatre atmosphere can be created in school gymnasium with right kind of curtains.

Our long experience of stage technology solutions quarantees the operational functionality and safety which pays itself back in a short period of time. In school environment curtains are in a very active use occasionally. Curtains and the curtain systems need to be strong. Also acoustic features and factors affecting the sound system need to be taken into consideration in designing the environment. In the time of purchase it is recommended to pay attention to the costs in long-term.

We deliver the stage technology solutions to schools as a ready made package. We educate the personnel to use the equipment. Our experienced assemblers can also take care of regular maintenances if agreed.