SKS Group 100 years

SKS Suomalainen Kone Osakeyhtiö -
SKS Finska Maskin Aktiebolag
was founded in Helsinki in April 1924. The name SKS is formed from the initials of the surnames of the company's founders Schniewindt, Köper, and Schröder.

The company's operations have continued for a hundred years, and thanks for that goes to our committed customers and skilled staff. We have served machine builders for 100 years and will continue to do so in the future.

syvätty minimax tausta.jpg

FIRST quarter

The company's first sales articles were products of German manufacturers: resistance wires, carbon brushes, insulating materials. The most successful sales item was the Minimax foam extinguisher system. The office spaces were rented from Bulevardi in Helsinki. The war years were the heaviest for the company. The only permanent employee was the managing director. There was a huge shortage of goods, and the products sold were delivered to customers by a box bicycle. 

SKS messuilla.jpg

second quarter

The company moved to larger premises in Lönnrotinkatu, Helsinki. The trade of Hellux high-power luminaires continued strongly, and a period of rapid turnover growth began in the 1960s. More space was needed for the assembly of electrical centers, and in the autumn of 1964, the company purchased its own premises in Vallila, Helsinki. Alongside the electrical products, the company began marketing mechanical parts for machine builders, and in 1965, own mechanical department was established. In the early 1970s, district offices were established in Tampere, Lappeenranta, and Oulu.


third quarter

Business activity accelerated in the early 1980s, and operations expanded domestically as well as in Sweden. A large warehouse was built in Varisto, Vantaa, and at the same time, the company transitioned to computer-based inventory and sales tracking. The company's name changed to SKS-tekniikka Oy. Alongside a high-quality product range, services that provided substantial added value were sought. District offices were established in Vantaa, Tampere, and Turku. The business units Mechanics & Power Transmission and Automation & Electrical became independent as their own limited companies.




fourth quarter

Customers are served around the clock - in 2000, a 24-hour warehouse service was initiated. Acquisitions accelerated the growth of the group, leading to the establishment of new companies and representations abroad – in Russia, Estonia, and China. The number of employees in the company doubled. In 2006, the corporate image was renewed, and the name of the parent company of the group changed to SKS Group Oy. In 2008, the turnover exceeded 150 million euros with 700 employees in the group.

In 2018, a business transaction concerning SKS Group companies was agreed with a Swedish Axel Johnson International Group and the German LAPP Group. As a result of the business deal,  SKS Control Oy, SKS Mekaniikka Oy, SKS Mechatronics Oy, SKS Sweden AB, and SKS Tehnika Oü were transferred to the ownership of Axel Johnson International group (a family company).

Now we continue our journey with long-term, high-quality supplier connections and top products, offering the best service to our customers at all stages of technical solution development. It is important to us that our solutions guide industrial and stage technology business in a sustainable direction in the future.