Stage technics safety inspections

Our experienced engineers will come on-site and determine the condition of the system in order to create clear and cost-effective action plan for ensuring operational safety for next season. SKS SAFETYCARD guarantees that system can be used as it is originally designed to use.

SKS Safety card inspection can include for example:

  • Full communication test for I/O and Control desk
  • Safety circuit test for emergency stops and safety edges
  • Functionality tests for system’s upper and floor machinery
  • Testing backup functionality and all indication lights
  • Testing HOT panel and cable
  • Checking of all control computers CPU’s for possible updates
  • Creating backups for Visual Stage software, shows and drive parameters
  • Collecting all log files for analysis
  • Performing disk and memory tests for computers
  • Optimizing disk space if needed
  • Overall visual inspection to determine possible hazards or prevent future damage for the system