unique stage technology in unique environment

We have delivered a stage technology solution for the main stage in Lappeenranta City Theatre. The solution emphasizes safety, usability and reliability. The 27 batten hoists, 4 point hoists, curtains, lighting and the stage itself are controlled with Visual Stage control system.

The batten hoists, designed for moving setup and decors, are controlled by modern servo drives. Fast acceleration, good dynamics and excellent accuracy are the benefits of servo technics. SKS is the only supplier in Finland who utilises servo technics in stage technology solutions. The load capacity and brakes located in the secondary axis, as the final connection of the power transmission chain, increases safety.

Safety comes first

We assemble batten hoists horisontally which allows the wire ropes to be placed above the stage, under the grid of the stage tower. This makes the stage tower a safe and functional working space without a jungle of wire ropes on the grid. The stage tower utilises also point hoists which are fast and easy to move and use.

- The backbone of our product development is the feedback from our customers. That is the basis when we design new features to our products. We always emphasize safety and reliablity. Visual Stage  control systems are in use in demanding elevator applications which require the highest safety standards. We have utilised the system also with Rising Tide bars on luxury cruise ships which move over 50 persons at the same time, says Jouni Kaukonen, the CEO of SKSGroup.

Controlled movement

There is a 12-metre circular stage in the middle of the main stage in Lappeenranta City Theatre. Although the mass of the circular stage is 30 tonnes, it moves quietly and it can be used in every phase of the show. The circular stage can be run on desired speed and it can be stopped precisely in the desired spot.

- We use modern and robust components provided by SKS companies. The heavy steel constructions, batten hoists and point hoists are manufactured by SKSGroup. The designing, manufacturing, initialization and later maintenance are taken care of by SKS - with SKS products or products imported by SKS, Jouni Kaukonen continues.

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