case: aluminium profiles replaced heavy steel constructions

SKS Mekaniikka engineered a service scaffold in collaboration with customer and other partners. The scaffold is made of aluminium profiles and it can be used for air planes' and helicopters' maintenance work. 

The ten delivered scaffolds are made of Maytec aluminium profiles which have been cut and machined at our workshop in Vantaa. In addition to the profiles, the scaffolds contain SKS Mekaniikka's wheels and jacks. The scaffolds were delivered to the customer in parts and electricity and pneumatics solutions were implemented in the assembly phase.

Customer's earlier scaffolds were welded steel constructions. Aluminium profile solution was selected due to the light weight and pre-treated surface of the profiles. It is now easier to move, modify or even pack the scaffold to a shipping container if needed. The outlook is also cleaner.

Our work shop in Vantaa machines tens of kilometers of aluminium profiles yearly and hundreds of aluminium profiles are assembled.

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