Product Group Manager Mikko Valkonen started his career in SKS Mekaniikka's technical sales in 2008. Nowadays Mikko is responsible for Linear Motion product group which includes i.a. energy chains, linear motion systems, linear actuators, ball screws and lead screws.

"I am Engineer and specialised in designing. I graduated in 2005. After that I worked few years in a company which imported golf cars. However, my goal was to work in the industrial sector I has studied. I ended up to SKS thanks to common friends who told me that SKS Mekaniikka was recruiting a new sales representative. Around that time I also noticed an advertisement of SKS in Kauppalehti newspaper and it strengthened my image of SKS as a strong player within the industry. I thought that this company is worth applying. I started at SKS Mekaniikka's technical sales team in 2008 which was a good position to learn more about our products and customers."

We're more agile as a company nowadays.
Mikko Valkonen, Product Group Manager

In 2011 Mikko started as a Key Account Manager and became responsible for key accounts in Southern Finland. In 2018 Mikko was promoted to the current role as a Product Group Manager. In his current role Mikko is responsible for supplier cooperation, stock management and technical support. Over the years Mikko has also educated himself and taken part in courses regarding modern sales techniques and presenting skills.

"New things and challenges motivate motive me. It is also rewarding and motivating when you develop or manage to solve customers' problems. I think that we are more agile as a company nowadays and it gives possibilities for the future."

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