christmas greetings from sks

Warm thanks to all of our customers and partners for the past year!

"One of this year's highlights was SKS Roadshow. In one week's time we met multiple customers from different industries in their own environment. That week included a lot of driving but also great meetings and discussions. Hopefully the upcoming year offers these too", says Timo Tepponen from SKS Mekaniikka.

"This year our product range grew by new products and suppliers and SKS Control and SKS Mechatronics merged as one company. Now, as one team we can concentrate even more on maintenance services. I look forward to see what next years has to offer for us in this sector", tells Petri Huuhko from SKS Control.

"What comes to stage technology solutions, this year has been very positive and we've had lots of projets througout the year. The best thing is that next year looks as promising. Summer was memorable, and not just because of the great weather we had, but because we got to spend it doing maintenance works in theatres around Finland", continues Paavo Hopeakoski from SKS Control.

We wish you all happy holidays & best of luck to the new year!

Instead of giving christmas gifts this year, we decided to money for Save the Children Finland. Save the Children Finland was selected as a donation target with a vote.


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