SKS Group

Values and quality system

SKSGroup's quality system aims to efficiently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders, within the framework of our business idea.

The components of quality:

1. High quality concerns every employee and subcontractor; it is a part of everyone’s daily work.

2. Customer satisfaction is the primary test of quality.

3. High quality depends on cost-effectiveness. We are cost-effective if we do things right the first time, employ efficient processes and meet performance targets.

4. Quality needs to be developed as customer needs evolve.

5. High quality depends on good management practices, for which our managers are responsible.

6. The best quality is achieved by co-operating and utilizing all our knowledge and skills.

Our core values include:

1. Making things happen - We take the initiative and drive things forward.

2. Being good to work with - Because people matter, relationships matter, respect matters.

3. Being far-sighted - We favour sustainable options and look to the long term.

Most of the SKSGroup companies and operations are ISO9001:2008 certified by Det Norske Veritas.